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NGT Associates Sales & Marketing Consultancy


Established in Essex in December 1996, NGT Associates is a sales and marketing company specializing in healthy and innovative consumer products. The company provides its overseas and domestic principals with tailor-made programmes to ensure clients achieve their sales and marketing goals. NGT takes a niche marketing approach, helping to build healthy and profitable businesses. Focused consumer promotions are offered to differentiate clients’ products in highly developed category and brand markets. NGT works with companies and products from around the world including USA, UK, Bangladesh, Israel, Finland, and Norway.


NGT provides its consulting services to many companies who wish to explore the sales potential of their products within the UK market and utilises reporting systems necessary for up-to-date snap shots of business progress. The company’s in-house facilities provide general, sales, marketing, P.R. and administrative functions.


Acting as the eyes and ears in the market, NGT will analyse market trends through the interpretation of market data, competitor activity and sales programme assessments. NGT provide local knowledge and strategic insight to suppliers of brands and commodities primarily in the food and confectionery markets.

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NGT Associates
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Phone: +44(0)1371 851752

Mobile: +44(0)7973 371599