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NGT Associates Sales & Marketing Consultancy


CLIENTS:     Past                                                    Category


Oy Panda Ab – Finland                                          Confectionery


Rieber & Sons – Norway                                        Confectionery


Lyme Regis Fine Foods – UK                              Snack foods


Tazaki Foods – UK                                                  Japanese Foods & Utensils


Israel Export Institute – Israel                                 Health Foods


Bioferme Oy – Finland                                            Probiotic Yogurts


King Oscar, Norway Foods – Norway                  Brislings


House of York Ltd – UK                                          Confectionery


New World Marketing Group – USA                     Health Foods


Yummy Earth – USA                                               Confectionery


RDi International – UK                                           Kitchen & Household Cleaning Materials


Food Panthers Oy – Finland                                             Snack Foods



CLIENTS:- Present


Specialty Food Management Group – USA                    Health Foods


Supertreats – UK                                                                 Confectionery


Teatulia – Bangladesh                                                       Organic Single Garden Teas


Makulaku – Finland                                                           Confectionery



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Phone: +44(0)1371 851752

Mobile: +44(0)7973 371599